Om programmeringsspråk vore religioner så…

Ja då skulle jag vara mormon enligt denna jämförelse mellan religion och programmeringsspråk.

Detta är C#:

“C# would be Mormonism – At first glance, it´s the same as Java, but at a closer look you realize that it´s controlled by a single corporation (which many Java followers believe to be evil), and that many theological concepts are quite different. You suspect that it´d probably be nice, if only all the followers of Java wouldn´t discriminate so much against you for following it.”

Tycker beskrivningen av Perl stämmer rätt bra med mina upplevelser av sådan kodning när jag jobbade på WM-data AKA Logica:

“Perl would be Voodoo – An incomprehensible series of arcane incantations that involve the blood of goats and permanently corrupt your soul. 
Often used when your boss requires you to do an urgent task at 21:00 on friday night.”

Men bäst är ändå beskrivningen av Visual Basic:

“Visual Basic would be Satanism – Except that you don´t REALLY need to sell your soul to be a Satanist…”

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